3 Easy Breezy Houseplants

It might seem at first glance that houseplants are more trouble than they are worth for a space that you are renting. But if you choose the right plants, they require very minimal care, and add so much life and character to a space. We looked at some beautiful examples in this post, and below are my picks for the easiest plants you should add to your space asap.

Rubber Trees:

For a statement piece, go with a rubber tree (a popular alternative, the fiddle leaf fig). They can grow to be pretty big and are perfect for filling an empty corner in a bedroom or living area. As long as you get on a fairly regular watering regime, like once a week, these plants will do great. A light dusting will keep the leaves looking good as new.


Rubber Tree

Split Leaf Philodendron:

Another beautiful option that adds tons of texture and shape to a room is also known as a Swiss Cheese plant because of their leaf shape. They get pretty big, so like the rubber tree, are great for filling a larger open space. The leaves also make a great centerpiece in a dining room or kitchen island.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Snake Plant:

Also known as Mother-in-law tongue, this is one of my personal faves. You can seriously neglect these guys, and they keep on ticking just fine. Plus, they actually clean the air of toxins. If you really feel like you have a black thumb, just fill your space with these and I promise you’ll be fine.


Snake Plant

The only caveat I will add here about these plants is that IF your home is pet friendly, please make sure that these plants are out of reach of a dog or cat. Many plants are not safe for pets to ingest.

When all else fails and plants just truly are not your thing, there are more and more realistic faux options that don’t look cheesy. Here in LA, Rolling Greens is a GREAT option for this. They have both real and very real looking options that will add a ton of beauty to your space.

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